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Grow. Heal. Thrive.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."


About Me

I enjoy working with individuals and couples of all ages and backgrounds with issues ranging from coping with stress, difficulty with relationships, anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders. Often, with eating disorders, collaboration with other healthcare professionals is needed and a team approach, along with family participation, is often best.


I graduated from New York University for my clinical training. I am also board-certified in psychoanalysis. Early in my career, I worked in many different areas including in-patient psychiatric, infectious disease, pediatric ICU, NICU, and maternal and child health. I am a Gottman Level 3 certified couples therapist, My couples-therapy training includes other modalities as well.  I am currently active as a training analyst, a supervisor and have been an adjunct professor at the Derner Institute at Adelphi University for over 10 years. Teaching and keeping current on new trends in the field is always my focus. I have presented papers in New York and internationally on maternal and child health, time, eating disorders, and the effect of loss on couples. 


I look forward to learning more about you -- seeing what obstacles prevent you from having a life closer to what you desire. My style is competent, warm, and engaging. I have worked with many people over the years to create lasting changes using both long- and short-term therapy. Patterns often emerge in therapy allowing them to be explored, challenged and better understood. Maybe the task is to soften a critical or punishing voice in your head, learn new ways to identify and manage emotions or try new things or ways of relating to help create new patterns. Having difficult conversations can lead to feeling more alive and open. An added benefit is that the more we understand the intricacies of our own minds, the better we can understand others.

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