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My Approach

I believe in the body-mind connection. You will increase self-awareness and identify ways of thinking that may be holding you back, so you can move forward feeling more resilient and less burdened. Therapy can be time consuming and difficult, but often the best things in life require time, presence and hard work. As a result, therapy can potentially pave the way for change and richer relationships by not only focusing on your thoughts and feelings but also imagining how others would respond, too. The goal is to live life more meaningfully and fully.

I employ an active, collaborative, and professional style. Therapy is about exploring my clients’ possibilities and potential. My training and experience influence my ability to listen—to help you better understand your part in relationships, manage feelings, understand conflicts, take another's perspective, and explore problematic behavior. With my help, you can discover the impediments to change and start to move in a more positive direction that is solution-focused. 

Maybe you have an inner dialogue that is critical, are experiencing relationship struggles or are curious about why certain situations/relationships keep happening even though you intended to change. Sometimes the relationship between food and body image is problematic and talking about it can help you understand behaviors with a new perspective. Loss of identity due to job loss, illness, sexual identity, new parenthood or children leaving for college can lead you to search for new ways of interacting with yourself and those around you. Quite simply, sometimes just having someone to listen to you can be enormously helpful in breaking maladaptive patterns and creating new paths forward.

To adapt to COVID-19, I offer support through in-person sessions, telehealth visits, and walk-and-talk therapy.

I've recently completed training as an integrated forest therapy practitioner with Nadur. I will often recommend "outdoorphins"-- a green prescription, because "nature is medicine." 


"The evolution and future of green mental health care."

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